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History Alive! Lanesboro presents original  Southeast Minnesota history programs through the arts: acting, storytelling, dance, music, and writing.  We hope to foster community identity and the understanding of American small town heritage.

We created a new theater form, our Pop-up Plays , to bring theater to our many actual historic sites, indoors and out,  in our town of Lanesboro. Each year our director, performer, and historian Jane Peck writes new plays  highlighting a new time period and its  local characters and events.  Pop-up Plays are filled with music, dance, laughter, and tears as well as 40 plus performers of all ages, both professional and amateur.

"VOTES FOR WOMEN! RALLY 1920" , was  planned for a statewide tour of this show to honor Minnesota woman suffragists  in this centennial year of women's suffrage. It was cancelled due to Covid 19. Thanks to Give MN and other donors we were able to create a terrific video of our show and share it with 700 viewers! Thank you donors! You can view it on our website, https://historyalivelanesboro.org .

Our next show, " Pop-up Plays : Lanesboro 1948", was postponed until September 2021 due to Covid. This show will feature stories from Southeast MN families about World War II and its aftermath.   

We need your help to fund the plans for this next show!  All of our fundraising events were cancelled and it looks like the spring fundraisers will be too. As we begin to interview our local elders about WW II and its aftermath, we need your help to reach our September! Then come see the show!

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