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History is made by individuals: our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Allow us to introduce you to a few that we are featuring in our next exhibit, Local Heroes, for their work to break through barriers and follow their passion to care for communities in Hennepin County: 

  • Dr. Catherine Burnes, who in 1886 became the first woman licensed to practice medicine in Minnesota and went on to become the first doctor in Hopkins. 
  • Francis McHie Rains, who had to go before the State Legislature to be allowed to enroll in the University of Minnesota School of Nursing and became its first Black woman to graduate in 1932. 
  • Dr. Claude Hitchcock, who performed Minnesota’s first human kidney transplant in 1963. 

Hennepin County has been on the forefront of innovation, teaching, and healing in the medical field. From surgical advancements to modern rehabilitation therapy, our health care workers have been models for the rest of the nation and the world. 

Creating a new exhibit touches every part of the museum: our collection and archives bring it to life; our programs explore it in greater detail; and partnerships drive relevant connections into the community. You can help us bring timely and meaningful exhibits like Local Heroes to life with your gift.

What does it take to put on a new exhibition? Help the pieces come together with your gift!   

Our collection and archives bring an exhibit to life:  

  • Local Heroes draws from our collection of more than 20,000 historic items and an extensive archive of tens of thousands of letters, manuscripts, photographs, maps, diaries, business records, and more. These collections are connected to the individuals and organizations that have shaped the history of Hennepin County. The museum continues to preserve and process these collections to make them physically and digitally accessible to the public through a research library.   

Our programs explore exhibits in greater detail:  

  • Hennepin History Museum programs have adapted to the realities of life during 2020. With the ongoing COVID pandemic, museum programs actually have a greater reach with new virtual opportunities. The stories of Local Heroes will come to life through in-person and digital presentations by health care workers and historians in our community. 

Partnerships drive relevant connections into the community:  

  • The stories found in Local Heroes will feature dozens of people and institutions from throughout the county. The museum’s own collection is enhanced by partnering with active frontline health care workers, doctors, and nurses, and the collections of Hennepin Medical History Center and other local organizations.   

Your gift supports every part of this work—thank you for donating to Hennepin History Museum!   

Hennepin History Museum   

Hennepin History Museum brings the diverse history of people in Hennepin County to life. We help people understand their world through an exploration of local history with exhibits, public programs, a magazine, and a public research library. Learn more at hennepinhistory.org

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