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Hockey is for Everyone!

The Hendrickson Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities, and their families, through the game of hockey. 

Our focus is to make hockey accessible for ALL who want to play the game. By supporting adaptive and Warrior hockey programs’ growth and participation nationwide, we aim to break barriers and promote inclusivity in the game.

More than just a game. 

The values of life gained by lessons through sport affect both the individual and their families. The sport challenges and develops players as individuals and athletes; it promotes physical and mental health, as well as sportsmanship, camaraderie, self-confidence and a sense of belonging. For many of these athletes it's the end of retreating inward and the beginning of reaching out socially to participate, create relationships, and have some fun!  


For two years, Miss Camden has been a spectator. Attending and watching her little brother play hockey. And for two years, Camden has continually asked her parents why she can't play hockey like her little brother.

You see, Camden has developmental coordination disorder and focal epilepsy, making it challenging for her to play on one of the local hockey teams with kids her age without some adaptations.  But is she a perfectly capable of playing? YES. Does she want to play? YES. 

Camden's parents learned about adaptive hockey, and the Minnesota Wild Special Hockey program  from a Hendrickson Foundation representative. Knowing their little girl's desire and will to play, they signed her up. 

Last week, Camden attended her first official practice as a member of the newest team in the Minnesota Wild Special Hockey division -  Lakeville. She had a BLAST, and her little brother was there to cheer her on. 

Camden's parents will commute once a week from Red Wing, where they live, to Lakeville and beyond so Camden can play hockey, and be part of team with other kids she feels comfortable with. For Camden's parents, the joy this brings her is worth every minute of those weekly commutes. It's her turn to say, "I am a hockey player!"

Who do we support?

  • Individuals of all ages
  • Individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities
  • Individuals with behavioral, emotional and/or social disabilities
  • Individuals with medical and/or physical disabilities
  • Individuals who are blind/low vision and/or deaf/hard of hearing
  • Veterans with combat and/or non-combat related injuries and/or who are otherwise disabled

Hendrickson Foundation supports four main divisions of adaptive and warrior/military hockey programs. 

  • Minnesota Warrior Hockey
  • Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey
  • Minnesota Wild Blind Hockey
  • Minnesota Wild Special Hockey 

Minnesota Warrior Hockey

Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey

Minnesota Wild Special Hockey Hockey

Minnesota Wild Blind Hockey

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