Helping Paws of Minnesota, Inc.

Change Lives! Donate to Support the Training of Helping Paws Service Dogs

For one recipient of a Helping Paws service dog, whose disability caused her to lose her mobility, getting Macy has meant her “before” philosophy of making a difference in the lives of others is achievable again. Macy is making possible a return to work in Hospice care. And Macy is not only providing physical support such as helping the graduate get dressed and undressed, opening doors, picking up dropped items and the like, she provides the self-confidence and emotional support to tackle the world again.

Since 1988, Helping Paws has provided fully-trained, hard-working and loving “Dogs in the Blue Coats” who enhance the quality of life for their human partners, either someone with a physical disability or a veteran with PTSD. What does this mean in daily lives? It means veterans who can sleep through the night or drive children to school with less distress. It means countless keys and phones retrieved, gloves removed, doors opened and lights turned on for those who cannot accomplish such tasks alone. It means changed lives.

It costs nearly $30,000 to raise and train each dog but the dogs are provided to each applicant at no charge except for a minimal application and equipment fee. 

Thank you for supporting this journey!
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