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Education that reaches all ages and stages in Liberia

HELLO's mission is to encourage and restore joy in the lives of Liberia's children and youth. Our vision is to create a society of respectful, educated, healthy, devoted, and responsible children whose hearts are toward servant leadership, God, and others. Our goals are to encourage, educate, and equip children and their loved ones who are responsible for them.
In response to the devastating Ebola crisis in West Africa that killed over 11,300 people to date, HELLO has developed 3 ways to bring encouragement, hope and joy to children and youth in Liberia. 


"We wish to contribute bricks and help with the building. We want our children to have access to the new study center too" exclaimed a mother of four who lives in a neighboring community.

HELLO has acquired land in Belema, Zorzor City, Liberia from the city officials to build an academic study center. The work on the foundation and walls began in December, 2016. With enough funds, we can include a library so students can research and reinforce their classroom learning. The center will have electricity for lights and plenty of seating areas. The center will be open to secondary students and college students. It will be located within walking distance of Curran Hospital, the Esther Bacon School of Nursing, and three high schools. We will also have a dedicated space for elementary students who will benefit from reading and writing practice. Tutors will be hired to help all students. With enough support, and particularly monthly support, we will be able to give stipends to the tutors and keep the study center open free of charge for the students. The enclosed study center will also provide protection from mosquitoes, which carry Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever.

HELLO believes that education is the bedrock of every society. To address poverty and given the 47.9% literacy rate in Liberia, HELLO has provided over 40,000 textbooks to primary and secondary schools as well as colleges. Another shipment is being prepared. Funds are needed for shipping, clearing, transportation, and distribution. It will be shipped to Liberia as soon as these funds are available. 


In August 2015, HELLO built a playground in rural Liberia in an effort to bring hope and restore healthy play in children. This playground is benefiting Ebola orphans and hundreds of children living in this area, and surrounding villages. To keep the children and materials safe, the HELLO playground land still needs fencing, ground maintenance and security guards. During our recent visit to Liberia, the parents around the playground requested that HELLO provide a day care center on the playground site. This will provide a safe and educational experience for Liberia's little ones. If built, the day care center will provide jobs and ensure that these children will get at least one full meal each day.


To effectively help Liberians receive credible information, HELLO has provided a radio station in rural Liberia. Our 2kw transmitter is providing access to reliable information to people in remote villages and parts of Sierra Leone and Guinea.  Alternative Youth Radio (AYR) needs adequate power and reliable electricity.  One major purpose of AYR FM 98.9 is to inform the public about communicable and non-communicable diseases and how to prevent them. According to many Liberians, Ebola spread rapidly throughout Liberia due to the lack of credible information. AYR's mission is to give a voice to Liberia's youth, to empower them to work towards being active participants in society, and to emphasize the importance of education. Liberians of all ages benefit from the radio station. Neighbors gather around those who have a radio and enjoy each other's company as well as discuss the credible information. 

Your financial support to HELLO will help us in meeting the needs of impoverished children and restore their hope for the future in Liberia after Ebola. 

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