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Helping share the love of God after the death of a loved one or any heartache.

     Heaven’s Roll Call’s main purpose is to share the love of Jesus by offering faith-filled poems of hope, the written word of God through Bible scripture, a listening ear and by the provision of needed material support in cases of acute need. This will be accomplished through the Heaven’s Roll Call web pages, email or letter correspondence, and verbal communication either in person or over the telephone.
     We live in a hurting world that needs hope in time of sorrow. After the tragedy in Sutherland Springs and all over our hurting world, sometimes there are words that can be said or written to make someone hold on an extra minute, hour or day. Please help me reach out all over the world by donating any amount. A year ago I heard from a woman in Japan whose father was killed in a robbery. I also got an email from someone in Pakistan who asked me to change my poems in different languages so it can be shared underground. Then there was the woman whose neighbor ran over her own 3 year old son in the driveway or the suicide of a father's only son or the young man who was killed in Iraq. Any donation will be used to help me reach out all over the world to help those in need. A poem with a picture of someone's loved one can be read over and over any time of day. A phone call even from a stranger may help someone hold on a little longer.
    Everything takes money and your donation will help me a difference to get the poems all over the world. Please go to the Heaven's Roll Call website and read some of the poems and then decide if you think after the death of a loved one if maybe reading one of the poems would help you. If so, please consider making a donation in any amount to help pay for hosting, printing, paper, ink, phone service, changing poems into other languages, add voice so the blind can read, etc. I will do as much as I can myself to save money, but I could use your help, too.    

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