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Your support will help make arts events happen in the greater Park Rapids area

Who we are: PRLAAC serves as an umbrella organization for 16 arts and cultural organizations in the greater Park Rapids area. Representatives from these arts groups, along with individual arts project champions, meet monthly to coordinate arts calendars, share information and incubate interest in new arts projects. In 2018, PRLAAC  sponsored successful projects including Art Leap, Noon Hour Concerts and the Great American Story storytelling contest and created content for a new quarterly newspaper publication on arts in our community. Through its website - www.prlaac.org - and Facebook page - Park Rapids Arts PRLAAC also promotes other organizations' arts projects. 

PRLAAC’s Medici Fund provides a way to recognize and support artistic talent and growth for youth through stimulation, scholarship and enrichment. 

What we do: Founded in 2005, PRLAAC has earned recognition as the leader in making arts happen in the greater Park Rapids area and has accomplished this goal with no paid staff. Financial support from member organizations and donations from at-large members, bequests and other sources go toward ongoing expenses. PRLAAC relies on grant funds from the Region 2 Arts Council to support projects, such as Art Leap. However, these grants require a 20 percent cash match, which can be difficult to find since most other funders do not support ongoing projects.

Why give: If you believe as we do that arts and supporting artists help create a vibrant community and are essential to the fabric of life in rural Minnesota, your support can help PRLAAC continue to make arts happen in the greater Park Rapids area.

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