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In the midst of spiral gang violence, food/fuel/water shortages, and a cholera outbreak the sitation has never been more dire. 

Haiti is sending out an S.O.S. to the world, and we at Healing Haiti are responding.

Healing Haiti's Response: 

  • Providing locally sourced meals to hundreds of vulnerable children, elders, and expectant mothers in Titanyen and Cite Soleil (two of the poorest communities in Haiti) 
  • Ultiziling Grace Village as a home for 59 children who would otherwise have none 
  • Employing over 140 Haitian staff who carry out all in-country services 
  • Possessing the infrastruture to play a significant role in relief efforts related to medical, food/water, and spiritual support 

What is the need?

Throughout 2022, the cost of living in Haiti has risen exponentially including(1): 

  • 53% increase in the cost of flour 
  • 23% increase in the cost of propane
  • 40% increase in the cost of frying oil 
  • 34% increase in the cost of chicken

The average Haiti makes just over $3/day(2), which means even a small fluxuation in the cost of goods/services in Haiti can quickly lead to malnutrition and medical emergencies. At Healing Haiti, we remain committed to serving the people of Haiti. In order to do so, we need your help in three key areas: 

Meeting Budget: Spiraling inflation in Haiti combined with a downturn in U.S. supporter giving has created a $50,000 budget shortfall. We desperately need to make this up so that we can retain our vital Haitian staff. 

Building For Maximum Impact: We are creating a fund designed to provide large-scale, Christ-centered aid the moment Cite Soleil reopens. our friends in Cite Soleil are especially desperate for help, and we are uniquely positioned to respond. 

Investing In Haiti: We remain committed to leveraging our deep relationships in Haiti in order to provide sustainable and locally sourced food/water support. It's vital to continue investing in the Haitian economy. 

During this year's Give To The Max Day, generous Healing Haiti supporters have committed $61,000 in matching funds, which means your donation on November 17th will be doubled 

Please plan to give generously, and please comtinue to pray for Haiti. 

1 Based on Healing Haiti's internal cost analysis: 8/21-8/22 

2 https://www.statista.com/statistics/1070168/gross-national-income-per-capita-haiti/

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