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HPSF is committed to innovative educational opportunities for Hastings, Minnesota, District 200.

Hastings Public Schools Foundation was launched in 1997 by a group of people who, in their passion for education, believed that given opportunities to be innovative, the teachers in Hastings schools could make their students more successful.  The Foundation was formed with two main goals in mind:  create a fund to support innovative classroom programs and to empower teachers to think outside the box and dare to dream…….”What If…….”.  Through the generosity of donors like you, Hastings parents, grandparents, businesses, community members and District 200 staff members, the What If Grant program fund is now at 1.7 million dollars. 

To date, the Foundation has received grant requests for creative new ideas in teaching totaling approximately 1.6 million dollars.  We have been able to fund over $1,000,000 of those and related requests which have given students incredible opportunities to learn in their classrooms and beyond.  We continue to work toward increasing the What If Grant program fund, with a goal of saying Yes to even more teachers and students for many generations to come.

Hastings Public Schools Foundation is also honored to partner with individuals who wish to create opportunities within more defined parameters.  For example, we partnered with a donor who made a multiple year commitment to fund innovative programs in the District 200 Math and Science departments (the “Math/Science Initiative”).  Hundreds of students are directly impacted each and every year due to this generosity – but all 4,700 of our students are also impacted as their teachers are given opportunities to dream of new ways to explore the mysteries of math and science. 

Hastings Public Schools Foundation has also partnered with other donors to create endowed scholarship funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Jean Langlais (651-271-3542) or Leslie Nielsen (651-437-3184) if you have any questions – we are both passionate about the endless possibilities for this foundation and the teachers and students it serves.  We would be honored to have you join our team.  We would also be honored to partner with you to help you achieve your philanthropic goals for enhancing public education opportunities in Hastings, Minnesota.   For more information, please visit our website at http://www.hastingspsf.org. Thank you!

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