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One Hamline. One Community. The Power of One Hamline. That's you! 

Gifts allow Hamline to deliver on the belief that an undergraduate degree will leave the next generation of students better off than the last. The independent think tank thirdway.org has awarded Hamline with a Tier I designation in social mobility (the creation of upward earning potential for graduates). Hamline is the only private institution in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, or northern Iowa to earn this designation. 

It is not surprising then that, for the second year in a row, Hamline was ranked as the best regional university in Minnesota by U.S. News & World Report, and  #12 in the entire Midwest. And, the national publication Washington Monthly has ranked Hamline as the best Master’s university in Minnesota. The bottom line? Your generosity allows Hamline to graduate students that people want to employ. 

Pipers have the drive to succeed, and your support makes it possible. 

Here are 3 reasons to support Hamline students:

  1. Hamline students are powerful. They are leaders, community builders, and changemakers. They are explorers, organizers, and scholars. They break down barriers, build bridges, and bravely expand conceptions of how the world can be.
  2. The Hamline community is powerful. They know that by providing Hamline students with the resources necessary to explore and chase their dreams, they are giving them the ability to truly discover what they are capable of.
  3. You are powerful. Your support will make a difference in the life of a Hamline student. Your support will help provide the teaching moment that gives them the ability to climb to their next academic peak. Your support will help them secure the internship that will launch their career. Your support will let them know that they can overcome the obstacles that arise for every student in their undergrad journey.

If you prefer to give to Hamline directly, visit our secure site @ hamline.edu/giving or call 800-767-5585.

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