Haiti Outreach

A nonprofit organization

Coaching Haitian leaders about sustainable access to clean water as a catalyst for social change! 

Haiti Outreach works towards the vision that Haiti will become a developed country.

So that ALL Haitians can have clean water and be healthy, living in a sound economy, and composed of good citizens.

It is about development and investment not relief and aid.

For 26 years, Haiti Outreach has been collaborating with the people of Haiti to build community-initiated and maintained projects that advance the development of the country. We have worked with over 500 communities to build wells or water systems that currently impact over 262,000 people daily! These are not just numbers; they represent incredible people with real hopes and dreams. And it's because of donors, like you, and your unwavering support that we've been able to achieve these milestones.

“Haiti Outreach represents a symbol to show a community to manage life, because water is life." – Bwa Kochon Water Committee Member

We know water has the power and ripple effect to change Haiti’s development forever because it is the one thing that brings everyone together. 

Over the last few years, we have shifted our focus to coaching instead of digging wells because of the great impact we have seen it have on the future of Haiti. 

We have a vision that Haiti would be a developed country in our lifetime and over the years we have seen first-hand that it starts by coaching leaders to take ownership of their own communities. This requires a philosophical change in approach from relief to sustainable development and a cultural change that embraces a pay-for-service approach for the water that’s provided. The pathway to achieve this is through local leadership and ownership, in collaboration with local and national governmental leaders and organizations.

Our leadership and coaching curriculum, developed by our Haitian staff, was created after decades of working in the field. We now know that this is the pathway forward to helping Haiti to become a developed nation.

Haiti Outreach's coaching and transformation of the communities is what we have always needed. The future is different now because the leaders see their own responsibility and are now leading water instruction around the commune.” -Claudette Alexander, Administration Counsel for Communal Section

Our work is truly unique in Haiti! Will you consider partnering with us in doing this incredible work at this difficult time in Haiti? 

Funds raised for Give to the Max Day 2023 will help to scale Haiti Outreach’s work. This includes finalizing the curriculum manual, onboarding 10-15 new local coaches, and effectively delivering the programs to all public schools, local communities and authorities in 5 communes. This will impact over a quarter of a million people and create actual development infrastructure necessary for Haiti to become a developed nation.

No contribution is too small, and every dollar counts. If you have the capacity to give generously, we are immensely grateful for your generosity. We also encourage you to consider becoming a regular donor to provide sustained support for our ongoing projects. You can set this up on our website at haitioutreach.org/donate. Thank you!!

Did you know the Pignon Town Water System is now functioning 24/7?! The first 24/7 water system in Haiti run by a submersible pump! See our new video!


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