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Green T Productions' mission is to produce visually stunning, mind-stirring, movement-oriented, multi-disciplinary physical theatre.

About Us

Green T Productions inspires, expands horizons and challenges assumptions with creative physical performance that straddles the boundaries of music, dance and theatre.

Under the artistic leadership of Dr. Kathy Welch, who trained intensively in world theatre forms at the University of Hawaii and in Japan, the Green T ensemble core group studies and trains together, drawing on a variety of world theatrical traditions, integrating them into their own unique style, using movement in creative ways to visually tell a story.  We believe in artistic cross-pollination and actively seek artistic collaborators.  Green T’s performances have been described as “actor-based story telling” … “inspirational, thought-provoking & innovative” … “approachable without being pretentious.”

“Green T are known for their sets that literally come alive...and their grand, vivid productions…not quite dance, neither is it pantomime, nor acrobatics, and certainly not any kind of musical; yet at any moment you could look and mistake it for any or all of these.” –Rob Callahan

Green T was very busy!  Recent highlights include:

  • March:  Performed A Thousand Cranes, the true and poignant story of Sadako Sasaki, a young victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, in New Richmond, WI and St. Paul, MN.   
  • August:  Performed for the 5th time as a part of the 'Arts a' Fair' program at the MN state fair.
  • November:  We will open Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus at the Historic Mounds Theatre November 17-26 with local composer Miriam Gerberg and taiko performances by the Taikollaborative.

Last year we also remounted Tales from Rashomon, an enhanced version of our critically acclaimed 2009 production. Toured both Shadow Visitors, a collaboration with Sumunar Indonesian Music and Dance and a re-imagined Kaidan: Stories and Studies of the Strange. We also presented a works-in-progress performance of Rootabaga Pigeons, a musical adaptation of Carl Sandburg’s children’s stories with composer and frequent collaborator Miriam Gerberg, and began participation in ArtsLab, a strategy & leadership development program.We have also had some great collaborations including Prince Rama’s Journey with Sumunar Indonesian Music & Dance, which was honored with the 2015 Ivey Award for Musical Direction by Joko Sutrisno, and Twelfth Night with The Chameleon Theatre Circle, a crowd-pleasing hybrid of Shakespeare and kabuki.  Our original adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was described as “visually arresting” and “achieving the impossible”, was popular in both the Tek Box and the 2014 Fringe Festival versions.

We were able to accomplish so much due in large part to the generosity of our audience.  Thank you.  Your continued support allows us to continue producing the visually arresting, movement oriented theatre Green T is known for.

Why do we need your help?
Theatre is expensive to produce!  While some of our funding comes from ticket sales and grants, a large portion comes from generous donations from the community.

How can you help?
First of all, come see one of our shows!  Bring your friends, and spread the word.

Where does the money go?  Theatre involves a lot of hidden expenses.   For example, rent for a performance venue starts between $1600 -2000 a week.   Actor salaries, costumes, sets, props and rehearsal space  also add up.

A financial gift from you can go a long way in helping to create the kind of creative, physical theatre that only Green T can produce!

Green T is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible and your support will make an enormous difference. Please consider making a gift to Green T today. 

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