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What we've learned in the last five years is that our country is more polarized than ever before. In order to strengthen our multi-ethnic democracy, we need to uplift ALL of the voices, especially those of over 50 million immigrants and refugees. These newest community members deserve to live in cross-culturally aware and inclusive communities, and by sharing stories and building empathy between our neighbors, we fight xenophobia, dismantle bigotry, and build power to address social and racial injustice.

Can you help us sustain our vital work and support us in raising $30,000 by March 1, 2021? 

Sharing Stories. Opening Minds. Becoming Neighbors.

Green Card Voices is a Minneapolis-based organization that works to record and share first-person narratives of America’s immigrants to facilitate a better understanding between immigrants and their communities.

Our dynamic, multimedia platforms feature over 500 first-person stories of immigrants and refugees originally from 140 countries who now reside in Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, California, North Dakota, Georgia,  and Wisconsin. Our work is designed to empower educational institutions, community groups, and individuals alike to acquire first-person perspectives about immigrants’ lives, fostering empathy, and building appreciation for the immigrant experience in America. Over half a million people have already experienced our content and we need your help expanding it across the nation.

Our work includes: 

1.  RECORDING AND SHARING STORIES. We’re traveling the country and listening to those with the courage to share their journey, capturing each story on video in an authentic and empowering way. These narratives portray the diversity of the immigrant experience in the United States by amplifying the voices of immigrants as they tell their stories in their own words. We share these videos on our website and YouTube channel and have integrated them into our books and exhibits with accompanying QR codes. 

2.  Developing EDUCATIONAL BOOKS. Our books and ebooks include Green Card Youth Voices, a series of books featuring Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fargo, Atlanta, Madison and Milwaukee, and Upstate New York High Schools; Green Card Entrepreneur, STEM Voices, and Voices of Immigrant Storytellers: Teaching Guide for Middle and High Schools. The forthcoming book is our first national Graphic Novel Anthology, titled Our Stories Carried Us Here.

3. We co-created STORY STITCH, a popular and facilitated storytelling conversation card game. The goal of Story Stitch is to connect people of different cultural backgrounds virtually or in-person and deepen the conversations that build empathy and appreciation. 

4.  Facilitating Interactive traveling EXHIBITS, which include self-standing retractable banners that are primarily used in schools, libraries, and other community spaces. Each banner includes a large color portrait, biography, quote, and QR code that links to each immigrant's video.

5. Launched, GREEN CARD VOICES, THE PODCAST connects our common humanity with first-person stories of immigrants and refugees living in the United States. In their most recent podcast series, #LoveYourAsianNeighbors, hosts, and guests join in the conversation to combat the harm being inflicted on Asian American communities, to share important anti-xenophobic messaging related to COVID-19, and to build collective care with all of our neighbors.

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Thank you!

Over 47 million people immigrants are in the U.S. Your gifts allow us to preserve first-person stories by them and ensure it is accessible for future generations. 

Green Card Voices is a lot of things: a small nonprofit organization with a big mission, a publishing group, a bridge between immigrants and nonimmigrants. More than anything, it is a community. We're so grateful you're a part of it. Thank you!

If you prefer to donate offline, you can also mail a check to: 

2611 1st Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55408

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