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We seek to restore damaged rainforest in Madagascar. True ecological restoration is more than simply replanting trees. It involves a long term commitment to assisting the recovery of an ecosystem.  Green Again is committed to a sustainable approach to ecological restoration that develops ongoing support and involvement among the local Malagasy farmers, on whose land we plant. We include the Malagasy people in the restoration work in a way that allows them to improve their standard of living while restoring the tropical rainforest. 

We have a unique approach to rainforest restoration. How we plant and care for trees sets Green Again apart from other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) involved with reforestation. Most NGOs simply leave the trees to fend for themselves after planting. We provide five years of “extended care” for all the trees we plant.

Green Again’s extended care and scientific approach ensure that the trees we plant will have high survival rates. Our tree survival is well over 70%, compared to only 30%-35% survival of trees without extended care.

We only plant native tree species, grown from seed we collect from nearby rainforest. We devote up to 18 months to growing trees in the nursery and then care for them for three years after planting. We take measurements in the years following planting, so we have data to inform future planting decisions. After three years of extended care, our trees have reached six feet in height and will be able to compete on their own.

We strive to give all the trees we plant the care they need to survive to maturity. This benefits Madagascar’s unique wildlife that depend on the rainforest. The trees we plant also improve the lives of the local Malagasy who work for us and for those on whose land we plant. Our thorough 7-year training-program gives Green Again crew members the opportunity to grow and learn new skills for their personal benefit, as well as for the community in which they live.

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