Great North Innocence Project

A nonprofit organization

The Great North Innocence Project works to free the wrongfully convicted and prevent future wrongful convictions from occurring in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

To do this, we leverage three main strategies: 

  1. We litigate cases where newly discovered evidence is identifiable and can provide proof of actual innocence.
  2. We work upstream to address the causes of wrongful convictions by educating law students, criminal-legal professionals, and the public about how we can prevent wrongful convictions.
  3. We conduct policy advocacy and promote systemic changes to the criminal-legal system to address the causes of wrongful convictions at their roots.

Help us continue our work to free more people like GN-IP client Robert Kaiser and prevent wrongful convictions with a gift this Give to the Max Day!

Your generous gift will allow the Great North Innocence Project to:

REVIEW applications of incarcerated people with claims of actual innocence

INVESTIGATE cases of actual innocence including interviewing witnesses, testing forensic evidence, consulting with scientific experts, and developing alternative suspects

FIGHT beside the wrongfully convicted in court to prove their innocence and win their freedom 

TEACH the next generation of lawyers, judges, and criminal legal professions about the causes, consequences, and remedies of wrongful convictions 

ADVOCATE for policies that improve the criminal legal system and ensuring it operates justly for all people

COLLABORATE with community partners to educate the public and potential clients about our work

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