Innocence Project of Minnesota

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The Innocence Project of Minnesota works to free the wrongfully convicted and prevent future wrongful convictions from occurring in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


Fighting to Free the Innocent:

 Each year our team works diligently to screen hundreds of requests for help, to give freedom back to people in prison for crimes they did not commit. IPMN staff, law students, investigators, and volunteer attorneys spend thousands of hours carefully analyzing these cases to determine whether there is new evidence that could show actual innocence. We litigate cases where newly discovered evidence is identifiable and can provide clear and convincing proof of actual innocence.


Shining Light on Injustices:

 Through school and community presentations, we inform the public about the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions to raise awareness and support for our work. We provide practicing attorneys, judges, and law enforcement officers with continuing education and expert information on wrongful convictions and the best practices to prevent them. We teach law school courses on wrongful convictions and provide experiential learning opportunities to the next generation of lawyers to build a better justice system


Advocating for Change:

 We work independently and in coalition with other organizations to pass laws and implement policies that minimize chances of wrongful convictions and remedy injustices.


IPMN has worked to free six men who were in prison for crimes they did not commit. These men spent a combined 84 years behind bars due to wrongful convictions. The life changing stories of Billy Glaze, Michael Hansen, Richard LaFuente, Koua Fong Lee, Terry Olson, and Sherman Townsend can be found here.

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Innocence Project of Minnesota

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