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Our mission is to help students grow a love of learning. 

We use research based reading methods which provide multi-sensory, highly structured and explicit reading instruction.  Children light up with joy as the confusion gives way to understanding and they realize that they CAN be come good readers and spellers.  

Since Great Minds Learning Center was founded in 2011, we've helped hundreds of students improve their reading and spelling skills. 

Great Minds Learning Center was established by licensed teacher Marianne Jylha.  This is her story:

“My beautiful little girl with blond pig tails, big blue eyes and a contagious smile was not ready for kindergarten. She couldn’t always remember how to spell her name and didn’t know the alphabet.  She loved kindergarten, but wasn’t prepared for first grade.  She couldn’t read and she couldn’t spell. Despite being pulled out for interventions she was falling farther behind.  Imagine my panic watching my 4th grade daughter bring schoolwork home that I couldn’t read because the spelling was so atrocious.  She was moving up to the middle school- 5th grade and she was reading at the 2nd grade level.  She had developed anxiety and felt sick every morning before school.  Her self-esteem was brutally beaten down by day after day of trying so hard and failing. Midway through 4th grade we discovered that she was dyslexic.  Being eager for answers, I learned everything I could about dyslexia and trained myself to teach her to read.  Tears and frustration gave way to confidence and a fighting spirit. I am learning to forgive myself for believing she might just be dumb, for punishing her and for accusing her of not doing her best.“ ~Marianne Jylha

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Learn more about us at:  Great Minds Learning Center website

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