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Granny's Closet funding is used to supplement the needs for low-income elderly and disabled adult residents  of Sherburne and Anoka County.  Clients are identified by their social workers in Sherburne and Anoka counties. Granny’s Closet helps to stretch budgets of low-income elderly and disabled adult residents, by supplying clothing (donations from local residents), toiletries, and other special requests by clients to improve their lives.

Many people in Sherburne and Anoka County have a budget of $100-$200 a month for all their clothing, toiletries, gift items for their family, activities that make their life fun, and medical needs that are not provided through their insurance.  They have a place to live and meals, but everything else must be purchased with their monthly allotment. Other's are extremely low-income, living on just a small Social Security check and need to pay for their rent and groceries first, leaving them with very little money for anything else.

Our resources help us purchase items to help clients.  Some include clothing in  sizes that are not in stock at Granny’s Closet, furniture for people who move into Anoka or Sherburne County and have no furniture - this furniture is usually donated or found online (Craig's List) or via social media (Facebook announcement), medical equipment and items that are not provided by insurance, toiletries and personal care items that are not covered through government assistance.  In addition, we occasionally have other special requests.   One example was an elderly lady who loved to write letters to her family, but her sight had gotten so bad that she could no longer do this.  Granny’s Closet purchased a desk magnifier so she could continue to write letters.  We have also purchased work boots for a client starting a new job.  They needed the boots in order to work.

We receive clothing donations from the public and give the clothing to the clients so they don’t have to purchase it at local stores or thrift stores.  Many of these people can’t even afford to shop thrift stores.   Granny’s Closet is very unique in that we don’t charge people for any of the items they receive.  

Granny's Closet is powered by ALL volunteer labor and generous donations from our supporters.  

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