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Using the power of local stories to tell some good history!

At the Goodhue County Historical Society, we believe that behind every wall in our communities, along every street, and passed down among generations are powerful stories.  Maybe it was a group of soldiers who answered the call to preserve the Union.  Perhaps it was a group of people out for a Sunday excursion that turned tragic.  Or it could be the revitalization of a business that many thought was sure to go out of business permanently.  These are the stories that give context to everything around us and allow us to understand our communities and ourselves.  Here at the Goodhue County Historical Society, these stories are sought out, recorded, and preserved for anyone wishing to learn more from them.  With your donation we will be able to continue doing this great work and sharing many of these stories through exhibits, programs, publications, and by opening our archives for researchers.  Using these powerful stories, we can tell some good history!

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