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Along the Atlantic coast, tucked in a corner of the western part of the African continent is Nigeria.   Rich in natural resources, and an energetic and highly educated population, Nigeria has all the trappings to become a paradise on earth.

Unfortunately, corruption, violence, and lack of leadership have plagued Nigeria even before it was granted independence in the 1960s.  By all present accounts, it would seem that for Nigeria paradise really might be lost. 

All is not lost yet, however.  In a small rural village, an hours drive south of Lagos, the eldest son of a poor farmer through sacrifice, determination and the will of God was able to find his way out of the time-lost farming village, to the chaotic concrete jungle of Lagos, and eventually to the United States.

Faced with new and different kinds of tribulations in the United States, the farm boy used the lessons he learned from his challenges and transformed himself into a successful entrepreneur-businessman.

Never forgetting his humble beginnings, the farmboy turned entrepreneur traveled back to his village and was shocked at the effects of neglect and corruption over time.

Believing he owed everything to God and the village, the once-upon-a-time farmboy founded the Good Samaritan Society of America and established the Good Samaritan Society of America Mission Village in Fiditi his hometown village.


The Good Samaritan Society of America's goal is to inspire a noble and Godly character in the people of Nigeria and globally.   We accomplish this by providing affordable top-tier education through our partner secondary school Bethel American International School.  U.S. physician lead with  local doctor partnered health care services at the mission village clinic.  Along with economic development through globally partnered projects that create long-term employment for the local community. 


Community Health Initiative

Bethel American International School

Vacation Bible School

Local Employment Initiative

Environmental Sustainability Initiative

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