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Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science is an extraordinary learning community in Eagan, Minnesota. We were designated as a Celebration school in 2013-14 by the Minnesota Department of Education for high student achievement and success in reducing the achievement gap. Our rigorous curriculum emphasizes inquiry and student-managed learning to foster creativity, curiosity and innovation. 

The arts are used to increase understanding of culture and history and examine unique perspectives of individuals.  The end products created in visual arts class with the art specialist exemplify rich instruction and a safe space to discover potential.  Student artwork is continually on display for school reflection. 

Our focus in science is enhanced by an equipped science lab and an awesome STEAM room where students use inquiry and the scientific process.  Using some of the latest technology including a laser cutter and 3-D printer, our science specialist engages students in a variety of studies including: observations of soil, weather, animals, trees, plants, environments, human body and machines; understanding interconnectedness of humans and nature; engineering and variables.  Our students actually "do" science through hands-on experiences, record data in science journals and share learning with one another. 

Science and the arts are not only learned in these classroom situations but through field experiences.  Students use the school grounds, local parks, museums, zoos and water and recycling plants to gain additional knowledge of areas of study.  We make use of partnerships with others in residencies to further student exposure to science and arts.  

In this era of budget cuts and new state funding formulas we need your support. Your donation will ensure that students continue to have access to the resources and field experiences that enrich their learning. Glacier Hills’ community-centered approach has uniquely positioned the school to provide a rich and varied learning experience for its students. It is critical for us to strengthen funding sources in order to continue to provide high quality educational offerings. Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science is a positive place for all students to feel safe, embrace individuality
and take risks to challenging learning while being supported by a highly qualified, trained staff.  Please visit our website at

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