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Give with Chandra Photography Inc is not just about photography! Give with Chandra supports Mothers, Business Women& Women in general. Give with Chandra donates Entrepreneurs Starter Kits that consist of Daily Planners, Calendars, Sticky Notes, Binders, Journals, and office supplies to inspire women to stay on their path towards Enprenuerership! Give with Chandra also has a monthly giveaway for Mothers who want to further their education or start their own business by supplying them with a FREE LAPTOP & Accessories. Give with Chandra is all about giving rather its free photography or tools to better our community in such an impactful way! Your donations matter! They contribute to the "Give with Chandra Fund" which helps provide free photography, wardrobe, laptops, birthday gift cards giveaways & more! Please continue to give! 

Thank you so much for your generosity! If you are mailing in a check. You can make your check payable to Give with Chandra Photography Inc. All checks are mailed to Give with Chandra Photography at 7714 Brooklyn Blvd Ste 200D Brooklyn Center, Mn. 55443

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Give With Chandra Photography Inc.

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7714 Brooklyn Blvd Ste 200D
Brooklyn Park, MN 55433

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