Girls on the Run of Bluff Country

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Educating and preparing girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living across Goodhue, Wabasha and Pierce Counties.

We inspire girls to choose life outside the "Girl Box."

The "Girl Box" is the place where many girls go during middle school when they begin to morph into what they think they should be instead of being who they really are.  The messges of the "Girl Box" vary but the overarching theme comes from a culture rooted iin the belief that girls and women must conform to a set of standards that are often unattainable and dangerous to their health and well-being. "You're not smart enough. You're too fat, You're too loud. You're too quiet. You're not pretty enough," are a few well known "Girl Box" messages. 

Girls on the Run inspires girls to discover a life free of the "Girl box."

Our friend Elaina says it well:

"How Girls on the Run Made Me Fierce."

Girls on the Run has made me fierce by enhancing my skills.  I have learned how to help my community, how to be assertive and how to stand up for me or someone else if someone does something wrong, like bullying.  I go up to them and think, what did they say at Girls on the Run.  Then I follow a plan, with things like "why it bothered me," "please stop," and if you don't know if they did it, "did you do it?"

Girls on the Run has made me more athletic.  My Mom says I look happier, healthier and more confident. To top it all off,  you get a cool t-shirt , a water bottle and a treat.  When you come to Girls on the Run there'a a snack ready and your friends are waiting.  It's awesome.

Elaina, 3rd grader

Like Elaina, over 160 girls participated in GOTR across Bluff Country this year.  About 40% of these girls needed some form of financial assistance to join a team to experience the GOTR curriculum.

We want to make this program available to EVERY girl who wants to participate. 

The lives of girls in our programs are transformed.

Help us make a difference.

Help us change a life.

Donate today.  

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