Gilda's Club Twin Cities

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What is Gilda's Club?

Gilda's Club Twin Cities (GCTC) is a community where people impacted by cancer gather, connect, and learn. Our program provides critical psychosocial support for men, women, children and teens, those living with cancer as well as their family and friends, regardless of diagnosis. And we do it all for FREE - because the last thing a family with cancer needs is another bill.

Does my donation make a difference?

Your support makes our program possible - we are 100% philanthropically supported, and because of you, our community of donors, we have been open for five years serving thousands of people, and delivering over 150 free cancer support programs each month.

How is Gilda's Club unique?

As one of 40+ affiliates of the Cancer Support Community worldwide, Gilda's Club Twin Cities is a leader in the field of cancer support.  This nationally-acclaimed, comprehensive, evidence-based program is based on five pillars: Support, Education, Healthy Lifestyle, Social Opportunities, and Information & Referral.  Each member has a story to be told and each member yearns to be heard.   At GCTC it is okay to laugh, cry, vent, talk and share experiences in a caring and supportive community.

It takes the whole community to make our program of support possible and to keep it completely free for everyone. 

Here's what your gift can do:

  • $50 supports one member for a month
  • $600 supports a member for one year
  • $1,200 covers four support group sessions

So many people in Minnesota need your help. Please give generously!

To learn more about Gilda's Club Twin Cities, visit .

A community of support where no one faces cancer alone

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Gilda's Club Twin Cities

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