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Many thanks to those who contributed to the our  "Featured Fundraiser" during the 2019-2020 GiveMN Campaign.  We raised over $4,200 for the Ceramics and Dance programs at South High.

Thank you!!

 Dance Company II students after rehearsing for a concert, in class.

Elizabeth Webster, 2019 Alumni, is dreaming of  being a ceramics teacher. Webster, who has been doing ceramics for four years, said “people see it as more of a hobby than a career path, so it’s hard, but once they see how much I love it and [see] what I can do with it, they get more on board.”  (excerpt from a story by Ellie Barnett-Cashman, Staff Writer from the Southerner, 12/10/ 2018)


Be the difference in the academic and cultural enrichment of the students at South by supporting the Friends of South High Foundation! 

A duet created by the two dancers Nasir Lord and Sylence McKinnie (students)

The Friends of South High Foundation is one of the first and oldest High School nonprofit support organizations in the country.  Established in 1983 by then-Principal George Dahl, Assistant Principal Jerry Cady, and alum Dick Westby, the South High Foundation provides unique and enriching academic, cultural and social programs and projects serving South High students, faculty, administration, and community. 

With over 13,000 active alumni, parents, friends and corporate sponsors; the Foundation focuses each year on providing over $120,000 of grant funding for various South High School programs and projects, ranging from supplies in the Media Center, support for the theater and band programs, computers for the foreign language department, supplemental funding for various athletic programs, and capital improvement projects including improvements to the South High Athletic Field.  In addition, the Foundation annually provides nearly $100,000 in scholarships for worthy seniors and graduates of South High. The Foundation also serves as a connection to the large South High alumni community through its Alumni Lunches, Newsletters, and our annual Pancake Breakfast. 

YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE – your donation can make a powerful and positive impact on the educational and cultural experience of each of these deserving students!

The South High School Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Corporation chartered in the State of Minnesota, MN.  All contributions are tax deductible as provided by law.

Please accept our most heartfelt thanks for your consideration – and for your most generous contribution!

"It  is a great privilege to be able to share our music with other schools and the community. You  have enabled us to be able to do so and without you we wouldn’t have the numerous opportunities that we do now.

Thanks so much,  Cali - Senior, Varsity Choir"

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