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The Friends of Linden Hill

Owned by the City of Little Falls, Linden Hill is a historic estate managed by a group of dedicated volunteers and staff known as the Friends of Linden Hill.  The organization was formed in 2007 and is a membership-based nonprofit committed to preserving and sharing the history and spirit of the Musser/Weyerhaeuser estate on the Mississippi River.  The organization has a vision to maintain the history and ensure the integrity of the Musser and Weyerhaeuser estate through preservation, education, arts & culture, community involvement and tourism.  The Musser & Weyerhaeuser homes, along with several out-buildings, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Musser and Weyerhaeuser families embraced the spirit of philanthropy. Their generous contributions to the areas of art, music, literature, and cultural enlightenment continue to impact people's live today. The Linden Hill Historic Estate is now used for educational and cultural purposes. The Friends of Linden Hill rent the facility for private functions and events to help off-set the enormous cost of maintaining two large mansions and nine acres of lawn and gardens. Charitable contributions are vital to the preservation of Linden Hill.

Building Back 

This past year, the impacts of supply chain shortages, high labor costs, and inflation have been felt around the country and in our own backyard.  The Friends of Linden Hill have been working tirelessly to raise funds that support daily operations as well as the meticulous care and upkeep the mansions, out-buildings and grounds require.  In addition to a variety of interior repairs that are needed in the two mansions, there are many areas of concern that need to be addressed on the exterior of the homes as well.  These repair projects will help ensure the integrity of the structures and keep the exterior preserved for years to come. Restoring these homes and caring for the property is no small task, and each and every donation is instrumental in the preservation of the estate.


Musser (White) Mansion

$2,500-$3,000 - Repair NE big porch windows and framing

$1,500 - Install Nyloplast drain basin for discharge off laundry room roof

$3,000 - SE side, river porch wall to terrace garden - repair rim joist, exterior lower siding, door and trim.  Replace 1 rafter, trim out board window and add glass

$2,750 - Replace siding and flashing, remove and replace landing to install flashing, reconstruct door, reframe sheathing, wood epoxy the soffit overhang

$1,250 - W/SW wall toward terrace garden/river - remove and install shakes and 10 pieces of horizontal siding

$500 - Trim up and flash wood in contact with concrete by French door in sunken garden

$1,000-$1,500 - Large S and SW porch windows - take out rotten windowsill, dowel into solid wood, clean up

$6,000 - Two large south facing windows off music room - rebuild storms, reglaze interior window and sash, wood epoxy windowsills

    Musser Estimated Total: $18,500-$22,500       

Weyerhaeuser (Green) Mansion

$1,250 - Window well below bay window - pull out wood, install a concrete rib barrier

$2,500 - Bay window - pull windows, replace trim jam board and dill board

$1,000 - North wall, replace cedar shakes

$1,250 - South office door rebuild

$1,500 - Tighten up and seal up SE corner of office/Van Cliburn room

$3,000 - Rework front steps

$1,000 - Add bollards to protect the entry of the home

$1,000-$1,500 - North side of Toto's shed/front porch, repair rotten sill and window, flash up wall

$3,000 - East side 2 small square windows - flash up wall, replace rotten wood/rework

        Weyerhaeuser Estimated Total: $14,750 - $16,000

Thank you for your continued support of the Friends of Linden Hill!


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