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Friends of Kairos Nicaragua was founded to sponsor a new way to help those in developing countries. This is truly sustainable development.

Friends Of Kairos Nicaragua was founded to sponsor a NEW way of helping those in need. We are focused on developing countries, most especially Nicaragua, where our members have been working for over 30 years. We work to enable others to help themselves. Our focus is on small communities. We help a community organize to accomplish the goals which they themselves identify. Our role is to train, assist, coordinate, communicate, so that they can identify their own strengths and resources.

We are not about giving or charity. We are focused on the path of justice - how to enable all of our brothers and sisters to achieve their full potential, so that they can contribute to the wealth and richness of all of us. Our goal is the elimination of poverty, working with one small community at a time.

Help from outside is too often given as a hand out, or even a hand up, without changing the roots of the problem. When the external help stops, the good work often stops as well. Our goal is a self sufficient community that can continue its growth and development long after we have moved on. And they will say, "We did it ourselves". (Lao Tzu)

Check out our website for pictures and additional information. 

And the pages of Escuela Kairos, our sister organization in Nicaragua.


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