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Since 2006 Freedom Firm has rescued over 300 minor girls from the commercial sex trade

Currently, there are an estimated 500,000 minor girls in forced prostitution in India. These girls are tricked by false promises of a good job or sold by a relative into a brothel and then held as sexual slaves, who are then coerced into sex with many clients each day.

Deeply wounded, these girls need counseling and a strong support network to avoid returning to prostitution. Uneducated and often considered ineligible for marriage because of their sexual exploitation, rescued girls are in desperate need of basic education, medical care, and vocational training.

Consider giving the gift of Freedom.

Give towards the rescue of a girl out of the sex trade, sponsor an investigator for one month, or for more information on how you can get involved please visit our website at

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Freedom Firm , P.O. Box 4267, Hopkins, MN  55343

Rescue Project - 

Freedom Firm deploys a team of undercover investigators who follow leads and monitor red light areas in Maharashtra and Karnataka, which are two states in central India that have a high incidence of sex trafficking.

Using hidden cameras, our investigators identify the minor victims as well as the brothel keepers, pimps, and traffickers, document the crime, and then submit this information to the police. With assistance from Freedom Firm, the police raid the brothels and rescue the girls, who are then placed in aftercare. The police arrest the perpetrators and file criminal complaints against them.

Restoration Project - 

After rescue, each girl is placed in a local government observation home pending an inquiry into her background and family condition. Freedom Firm’s Regional Aftercare Program has a team of social workers who closely follow each rescued girl as she moves through the government process and beyond. The social workers provide ongoing counseling and facilitate medical care, education, and certified training programs, thus ensuring that each girl is given the tools she needs for a life of self-worth and self-reliance outside of prostitution.

Justice Project -

Freedom Firm is fervently fighting to create systemic change in India through the consistent application of the laws against trafficking. Our lawyers monitor each case closely, help prepare counsel and witnesses, and assist at trial. We pursue each case through the judicial process until a verdict is reached. Rescued girls testify against their perpetrators and help bring them to the final step of achieving justice. This justice not only brings healing to the victims but it also acts as a detterent, in that it increases the cost of trafficking, which is an important step in eliminating child prostitution in India.


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