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Can you spare $1? If 100,000 people would join us in the vision below each year for 5 years, we could meet the goal below! 

***Our 5 year goal is to have a facility that can be open regardless of weather, where we can continue to serve people from all walks of life, giving them resources, offering counseling using rescued horses, and where Truth through God's Word gives hope and starts people on a healing path. We want to be a refuge in their storm, ministering to them in the name of Jesus in their very hour of need. ***

Look in the couch cushions, floor of the car, and check the bottom of your purses - $1 in change can change a life for folks in Minnesota! 

Thank you for your help, you are such an encouragement to "stay the course"!

~Foundation Farm is a nondenominational Christian faith based ministry that uses horses (equine assisted learning), and farm life for human mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Our greatest desire is to model Christ's unconditional love to all who step foot on the farm through utilization of God's magnificent horses and a peaceful country setting to bring forth genuine hope and healing.

 We offer a beautiful, quiet place where all people can come and feel welcomed, valued, and loved while interacting with farm volunteers, horses, and other aspects of farm life. Our farm is a safe and peaceful place to lay down stress and anxiety, heavy burdens, and all the lies we are told at the foot of the cross and discover the purpose filled life we were created to live.

Current Services:

 Kids’ Sessions:

The purpose of our summer kids’ session program is to provide a safe place for children and families to learn, have fun, and experience healing and growth in a non-traditional way - using horses! Horses provide a non-judgmental therapeutic environment which fosters breakdown of defense walls and barriers, allowing kids to come as they are; encouraging healthy cognitive, emotional, and behavioral growth to develop within the safety and security of a 90 minute mentor-ship time with 1 adult and 1 horse. Kids also help around the farm with various tasks, learning new skills, and being a valued part of the ministry.

Private sessions:

Private Faith Based Equine Assisted Learning (experiential learning) sessions are at the heart of Foundation Farm services. Horses respond 100% truthfully every time to what they sense is going on in their environments. They have no ability to form opinions, judgments, or lie to us. Because of their nature to live in the moment and respond to what they see accordingly for their own survival, when interacting with them, we sometimes discover unhealthy thoughts and emotions we have about ourselves or our current life situations. A trained facilitator (teamed up with the Holy Spirit - our Counselor), utilizes the horse’s inborn characteristics to help session participants understand where in their lives they might need to break free and focus on healing and restoration from strongholds that are stealing joy and preventing purposeful living. Once the problem areas are found and brought forth, healing can start. 

Supportive Services:

It is the desire of Foundation Farm to come alongside and support the work of other folks providing services to the public such as church groups, community services, and other nonprofits. Working together with the gifts God has given us solidifies the work that is being done separately, lightens the work load for all involved, and encourages connectivity, sharing the core of what most organizations working with people have a heart to do – to love and serve those who come to us with everything we’ve have! 


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