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Christ Anne and her family used to live in a pedicab*. But, this did not stop this young girl from achieving her dreams. 

Christ Anne was a Hungry Minds scholar from 4th grade until High School.  Being a Civil Engineer has always been her dream. She and her family work together to reach their dreams of a better life. Her determination to pursue her dream is truly inspiring and remarkable!  

There are more than 200 Hungry Minds scholars in High School and in College who need help in their education. Bring them closer to their dreams by donating to support their education. 

Sponsor a Hungry Minds scholar for Php 25,000 (USD $500) a year. Or, support a College scholar for Php 35,000 (USD $700) per year. These costs include tuition support, allowances, supervision, and minimal administrative costs. Pledges for quarterly and monthly donations are accepted

Invest in the future of a Hungry Minds scholar. You might be supporting another future engineer like Christ Anne! Together, let us transform more lives!  


Food for Hungry Minds (HM) Schools focus on results and provide underprivileged families with a holistic education in Grades 4 to 6. Our dream is for learners to reach college graduation and optimize their potential so they could uplift their lives and serve others in the future. 

Food for Hungry Minds beneficiaries are children like Christ Anne. They come from poor families in depressed communities of Manila and in resettlement areas in Malolos, Bulacan (north of Manila) in the Philippines.

Together, let us transform lives. Support a Hungry Minds scholar today!

*A pedicab is a local transport bicycle with a mounted side car used in the Philippines. 

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