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Equipping and empowering individuals, families & communities in rural Tanzania to become all God created them to be

Food for His Children has been working with communities in rural Tanzania, Africa since 2008.  Your gifts make it possible for us to walk alongside families living in extreme material poverty.  They share their dreams of sending their children to secondary school, building a house made of brick instead of mud, and of starting a business and they are seeing these come true.  Your gifts have impacted over 400 families, over 2500 people in 11 villages. 

Numbers are impressive, but what we really love to see is whole life transformation.  Food for His Children wants to feed more than bellies and bank accounts.  We want to feed souls!  Your gift helps us implement holistic community development which focuses on mind, body and soul, addressing poverty at it's root.  We empower people to see who God created them to be and what He says about development. 

Bernadette is a single mother of 6 girls who reported having no friends, feeling isolated and being a 'nobody' in her community.  She had very low self esteem when we met her in 2009.  Living in a small mud and stick home, Bernadette struggled to provide food for her girls.  After getting training in agriculture and animal husbandry, Bernadette was given a dairy goat.  She is an EXCELLENT goat farmer and since 2009, she has passed a goat on to another family, passed a goat back to Food for His Children to be sold to help fund the program and has had a total of 23 goats!!   She is now seen as a leader in her community.  She is supporting her children and sending them to secondary school and instead of doing day labor for other farmers, she provides all her own income.  Bernadette thanks God for the gift He gave her and the skills she has learned.  Her eyes sparkle and she just beams!  When you give to Food for His Children, you give opportunity for life transformation. 

God has given us a vision for a sustainable farm that will reduce the need for outside resources and support to grow the ministry, making it truly community owned.  Food for His Children is beginning the design stages for the Farm and Innovation Center. 

Join us in impacting generations and making this dream a reality!

Food for His Children reserves the right to use gifts in the area of greatest need. 

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