Folwell School Performing Arts Magnet

Folwell is a K-8 Performing Arts Magnet School located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is the vision of Folwell School, Performing Arts
Magnet  to be a school of excellence, with high quality staff,
effective instruction and successful, responsible students. The comprehensive
program teaches the core standards that are aligned with the state standards.
Students receive differentiated instruction according to their levels. All
classes are integrated with fine arts content, including dance, theatre, vocal
music, visual art, band and strings. 


We are a Pre K-8, ethnically diverse school with 50% of our population being Hispanic, 33% African American, 13% Caucasian and Asian and Native American at 2% each.  Last year our ELL academic growth was higher than the MPS' average according to the Annual Measurable Objectives (AMAO).  In addtion, 36 ESL students in grades 3-8 were exited from the ESL Program. Folwell provides a national award winning integrated arts program to inner-city youth.  We believe that art is just as important to academic success as the four core subjects.  We have been impacted with losses to our arts funding.  Support the arts in school. Your donation to Folwell will help keep the arts community strong in today's young aspiring artists and future academics.

We need field trip money! We did not get our Target Field Trip Grants!

We need:

$800.00 for busses for kindergarten to go to the Children's Theatre

$1700.00 for busses and tickets to La Boheme for the 4th grade

$1700.00 for busses and tickets to La Boheme for the 5th grade


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