Friends of the Mississippi River

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To honor our great natural resource on which we all depend—the Mighty Mississippi—contribute to Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR) and strengthen our foundation to continue to protect, restore and enhance our hometown river.

So, why should you make a gift? A gift of any amount adds strength and volume to the river's voice.

  • For starters, about 1 million Minnesotans rely on the river for their drinking water every day. While municipal water is cleaned and treated, some pollutants are very difficult to remove completely. FMR is actively and successfully working to reduce both urban and rural sources of water pollution.
  • The river is also a globally significant ecological system-a flyway for 40 percent of North America's waterfowl. FMR is protecting and restoring land that provides high-quality native habitat and healthy biodiversity for native as well as migratory birds and other wildlife.
  • The river allows urban residents to experience the outdoors right where they live. You can stand amid serene woods and at dramatic overlooks, or paddle past stunning cliffs and through serene backwaters—all within reach of a short drive, a pedal, a hike, or a stroll. FMR provides over 100 volunteer, recreational and interpretive events each year to help you learn about some of the most beautiful outdoor destinations in the region.
  • The river contributes to the economic vitality of the Twin Cities as an important transportation avenue and as a source of renewable hydropower. Riverfront parks and trails help stabilize property values. River tourism generates revenue and creates jobs.  FMR partners with numerous coalitions to protect and enhance the many assets the river adds to our community. And we act as the community for the river and watershed in important local, regional and state decision-making forums.

All in all, your gift will help FMR chart practical, tangible solutions that improve water quality, protect and restore land, and enhance the community values of the river for all of us today, as well as generations to come.

Thank you for joining us to protect the Mississippi River and its watershed in our community!

There are many ways to get involved with FMR—by becoming a member, volunteer, and advocate for the river. Contact us today at 651-222-2193, or visit our website at

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