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ARCS is dedicated to supporting and promoting fisheries research and conservation through science and public outreach.

Our purpose is to: 

  • Conduct scientific fisheries research through field sampling involving collaborative efforts with other entities (including but not limited to private citizens, non-profit organizations, and universities);
  • Participate in conservation of cartilaginous and teleost fishes through research and outreach;
  • Collaborate with universities and other educational entities to prepare students for careers in wildlife biology, conservation, and management through field, laboratory, and data analysis experiences;
  • Conduct meetings and outreach activities that expand knowledge of fisheries science and management;
  • Ensure the continuation of the corporation through ongoing recruitment of volunteers, citizen scientists, and any individuals who have an interest in furthering the mission of the corporation; and
  • Support external research through grant funding, endowments, or other sources when applicable. 

We are currently seeking funding to support our:

- Education & Outreach Programs;

-Commercial Fisheries Research Project which will monitor commercial roughfish species in an effort to characterize size distribution, relative abundance, juvenile recruitment, seasonality, spatial distribution, habitat use, health, diet, reproduction and movement patterns which will assist with management and conservation efforts. The commercial fish we will be targeting in this project are Smallmouth Buffalo, Bigmouth Buffalo, River Carpsucker, Highfin, and Quillback.

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