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“Whenever and wherever adversity strikes, we folks of rural Minnesota have a unique ability to pull together, showing the very best of our values and human nature.”   (Dawn Lamping, Executive Director Floodwood Services and Training, Inc., FST).

Here in the remote, rural timber lands our instinct is to first use whatever is at hand to support those of us struggling.  Once chaotic blurriness begins to clear we draw a deep breath and seek local resources. 

For over four decades FST has served older adults, their caregivers and others struggling with physical, developmental, intellectual and mental health challenges.  Sadly, at this time COVID-19 impacts resonate throughout our service area.  “When I call and hear Dawn’s voice, I feel like I am not afraid and alone anymore. Dawn tells me that I still will be able to come to FST and will work once we are opened.”  (KJ, Supported Employment Participant)

 Now more than ever it is imperative that support for our most vulnerable reaches them as quickly and efficiently as possible. FST Older Adult Services (OAS) has maintained stability and consistency throughout these challenging times delivering chore, caregiver support, meal preparation and delivery services.

 “Time-off" is an impossible luxury when caring full-time for a vulnerable older adult. Therefore “Kathy” enrolled her spouse into the respite program and now shares, “The program was a lifesaver for me and my husband Gene. These services came at the right time giving Gene the socialization he needed. I am so grateful to Stacy and her staff.”  Group Respite services are not being offered at this time per COVID-19 guidance.  Caregiver Support Consultant, Stacy Stevens and her staff continue outreach via phone and computer to caregivers providing a caring support and connection to available services such as chore and meal delivery.   

 FST as the heart and hands of each donation is dependent on the generosity of like-minded folks such as yourselves who understand and are willing to not forget those most vulnerable and often forgotten.  We are calling on everyone, especially at this unsettling time, to dig deep and contribute.  The generosity of others will ensure that we get through this unprecedented time with our most vulnerable communities cared for and supported.  We ensure that our efforts to overcome this challenge are channeled in the best possible manner and look forward to helping Minnesota’s most vulnerable population for many years to come.  

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