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Minnesota Loves Its Lakes - Only Minnesotans Can Save them

Water Connects Us All

We are the solution: Inquire, educate, organize a new water civics.

Water quality solutions require a three legged stool of action: support focused scientific inquiry, educate Minnesotans, and build the disciplined and structured civics necessary to create sustainable change. There is a role for all of us in this work, and Minnesota Lakes and Rivers is where we meet.

Our Vision:

The next seven generations of Minnesotans will continue to enjoy our lakes and rivers as they do today. Our lakes will still have clear waters, productive fisheries, healthy waterfowl, and robust native aquatic plant and animal communities.

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers understands that there is a role for each of us in this work. We have agency.

Environmental solutions begin with a more powerful civics based on the truth that Water Connects Us All.

The governmental, regulatory and institutional systems we’ve built to protect and research water are largely siloed. Water flows around and through the gaps. Impairments continue.There are no political divisions with water.

When active citizens build a new, just and engaged civic infrastructure in communities across the state based in inquiry, education and communication, WE WILL close the gaps between these silos.

The on-the-ground programs of Minn esota Lakes and Rivers not only provide agency and a jurisdiction for each of us to have a meaningful role, but helps bring us together and build the grass roots base of direct action that will move the needle on improving water quality.

This year there are three efforts for you to support clean and healthy lakes:

  • Lake Steward to protect and/or restore sensitive shorelines,
  • Stop Starry to help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species,
  • Up the Creek Meats to prevent agricultural runoff pollution.

Thank you for your donation toward the protection of Minnesota’s lakes! 

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