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Firefighters with PTSD is a 501c3 nonprofit that is focused on changing the lives of first responders and veterans with PTSD by bridging the gap in relation to access and resources in regards to mental wellness. We do this through training service dogs, advocacy and raising awareness to the issues facing many of the men and women in these positions.

Our Focus

 · Service Dogs. We raise and train service, therapy and emotional support dogs for first responders and veterans with PTSD.  Our training is done with the help of our partners; Solid Results K9  (Corey Doebber) and Off Leash K9 (Becca Curtis). In our training program first responders and veterans get to train their dogs, hands on through the whole process of becoming a service dog. This gives them extra confidence and a stronger bond with their dog for years to come. 

 · Advocacy.   We advocate for better mental wellness training, benefits and treatments for first responders and veterans in all 50 states.  We hold meetings and present to legislature at State Capitols in regards to this several times a year.

 · Awareness. Raising awareness of PTSD in our first responders and veterans.  We do this through events and bringing our dogs out into the community to train while being approachable. This is a great opportunity to not only train and polish our dogs skills but to educate the public, answer questions and show how service dogs can impact the lives of first responders and veterans. 

How Do We Do it?

We are not privately funded by a company or government, we survive solely on donations from people like you. 

  • Donations.  We receive donations from the public via our website, through Facebook fundraisers, and through supporters having fundraisers for us.
  • Breeding.  Once or twice a year we may breed our females. Right now, when we breed it is to provide healthy, smart and beautifully tempered dogs to the public while funding our service dog program.  In the future, when we have the space and means to do so we will keep about half of each litter (depending on our ability) for training as service, emotional support, therapy and protection dogs for first responders and veterans.  Did you know the training for a service dog averages $10,000-$20,000. 
  • Events.  We have multiple events each year were we have fun, raise awareness and raise money for our cause. This year about 90% of our events were cancelled due to Covid so donations are more important than ever! 

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