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The FEAT Academy is a non-profit school dedicated to educating teaching children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The FEAT Academy is centered around the philosophy that every child has great potential, and every person should have the opportunity to see that potential met. Our programs aim to develop the unique strengths of each individual, and help him/her build the skills needed to have a more independent, high-quality life.

We utilize the science of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach our students skills in the areas of academics, social skills, communication skills, behavior skills, and life skills. We also focus on developing talents such as art, music, drama, and animal care. 

We have programs that also focus on the individual's family. Sibling programs and parent training programs mean the skills taught in our environment will be carried throughout the child's day, and these programs help build wonderful, fulfilling relationships within the family unit.

Nebraska is one of only three states in the US that does not have a school such as the one we are striving to open. With much of our staff hired and a location determined, we now are faced with the challenge of raising enough funds to build, purchase start-up equipment and operate the first year without passing the burden of the tuition on to the parents.

We have a strong sustainability plan in place, and are developing long-term relationships with payer sources, so that in the long term we will not rely on outside funding to stay in operation. But for now, we are asking for support, so we can open our doors and begin serving the children and families who need our help. 

Our programs are based in best-practices, and we believe in high accountability. We will always remain vigilant in serving our students, their families, and our community. 

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