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At Farnsworth, aerospace is infused in every aspect of our curriculum. Our dedicated staff encourages experimentation and engages imagination. Our students work on teams to solve complex problems, and each success builds confidence for the next challenge. Other classes and activities include music, art, on-site flight simulators, and hands-on field trips that expand understanding of aerospace. Families are encouraged to learn together through aerospace and engineering family nights and events. Students thrive here through inspiration, imagination and commitment to become a future leader.

Your donation will help provide Farnsworth students with supplies, tools and learning opportunities beyond the exceptional curriculum they already receive. Thank you for considering a gift to our school.

For more information on our school, please visit http://farnsworth.spps.org.

Principal Hamilton Bell – hamilton.bell@spps.org

Farnsworth Aerospace Upper Campus (5-8) | 1000 Walsh St. | Saint Paul, MN 55106 | 651-293-8880

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Farnsworth Aerospace Upper




1000 Walsh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106

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