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For 35 years, Farmers’ Legal Action Group (FLAG) has kept true to our mission to help family farmers and their communities with the legal services, guidance and support they need to weather crises and stay on the land.

When Crisis Hits Family Farmers, FLAG Responds

Over the past 18 months, COVID-19 crisis has been devastating for family farmers and their rural communities:

  • With family farmers already struggling from seven years of a poor farm economy, COVID-19 decimated markets for crops and livestock; disrupted crop inputs, livestock feed supplies, and marketing chains for agricultural products; and increased uncertainty about domestic and international trade.
  • Farm families that rely on off-farm income to make ends meet suffered when schools and businesses were shuttered and off-farm earners were laid off or had their work hours reduced, losing a crucial source of family income and health insurance.
  • Farmers who market their products directly to schools and restaurants, including many urban-area immigrant and refugee farmers, lost their markets and incomes when schools and restaurants closed; worse, many restaurants closed permanently, shrinking a market disproportionately impacting family farmers.
  • Increasing isolation of farmers and their families exacerbated underlying mental health issues on family farms and in their communities, which often go unaddressed until crisis hits.

Problems that farmers face that may have seemed manageable turn into cascading legal crises in times of economic and social stress. For many, FLAG’s legal assistance hotline and other services have been the last line of defense – and often the only gateway to needed legal services – preventing farmers from losing their land and livelihood. The stakes could not be higher. Family farms are the engine of rural economies, and we rely on them to feed our communities and drive rural prosperity. When family farmers call in crisis, FLAG answers.

FLAG Is a Lifeline for Family Farmers in Crisis

FLAG was established in 1986 in response to the farm credit crisis of the 1980s, when its founding legal aid lawyers helped win a landmark case preventing foreclosures for more than 80,000 family farms. Since then FLAG has delivered services that help family farmers weather crises and stay on the land, which include:

  • Outreach and education on laws and programs that help families sustain their farms; 
  • A national hotline offering free legal advice for family farmers;
  • Impact litigation that helps large numbers of family farmers by defending laws that protect them;
  • Legal services FLAG provides to farm advocacy organizations; and 
  • Resources and information on crucial disaster assistance programs to many family farmers every year. 

FLAG’s ability to explain in plain language the complex provisions of disaster assistance programs has been crucial to helping thousands of farmers access the new and ever changing COVID-19 programs. Since the onset of the pandemic, FLAG published more than a dozen guides available free of charge explaining how programs work and how farmers can benefit from them ( FLAG attorneys have also provided more than 20 trainings on critical issues that have reached thousands of farmers, trainers and advocates.

Every day, FLAG is contacted by farmers around the country with a broad range of legal needs. Every one of their requests has a common underlying thread: they have few, if any, options for legal help other than FLAG. FLAG is a critical line of defense – and in many cases the only line of defense – for small and medium-sized farmers who are an essential prerequisite for the transition to a food and agriculture system that is sustainable, equitable, healthy, and just.

FLAG is Helping to Build a Better Food System

By providing critical services for family farmers, FLAG is helping to build a food system that is more sustainable, healthy, local, just and humane,

If you care about who grows your food…

If you care about healthy food for you and your family…

If you care about building a sustainable environment…

If you care about fighting climate change and building climate resilience…

If you care about the well-being of our rural communities…

If you care about humane treatment of farm animals…

If you care about stopping agricultural consolidation…

If you care about opportunity and justice for disadvantaged and immigrant farmers…

Support FLAG today!

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