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We are a small Wisconsin-based non-profit working in Guatemala and Honduras; we support peace and cross-cultural understanding.  Working directly with family coffee farmers, we buy their organic coffee for an above fair trade price. This gives our farmers money in their pockets, so they can buy clothes, supplies, and food which all helps sustain their local communities.  We also support 36 students with scholarships in Guatemala and Honduras.  We now have 36 students in Hondurasand Guatemala with a yearly cost of nearly $20,000. We humbly ask you to open your hearts and your wallets and give what you can to join us in this lifechanging journey for our students. Currently we are supporting 1 medical student, 10 university students, 4 high school students, 6 middle school students, and 15 primary school students. We celebrate our four high school and two university graduates. We are a volunteer organization that offers annual guided trips to Guatemala and Honduras.  Find out more about us, our coffee farmers, students, and our projects:

 SCHOLARSHIP Money Needed!  100% of the money donated goes to the students! F2F is a 501(c)3, making your donations tax-deductible. 


Farmer to Farmer currently is supporting 36 scholarships in Guatemala and Honduras. These students come from families where at least one parent never attended school at all.  They are motivated and hardworking. With our help, their dreams of an education can be reached.  Look below to see how far your money goes:

 $120 supports 1 grade school student. F2F is currently supporting 16

$200 supports 1 middle school student. F2F is currently supporting 4

$400 supports 1 high school student. F2F is currently supporting 4

$600 supports 1 university student. F2F is currently supporting 10

$6000 supports 1 medical school student

 We are especially proud of our 10 university students.   Attending university is a monumental task as the students have to relocate to live closer to larger cities and find work to help pay their way.

The students thank you in advance for your support!

 When you donate money, you are not just giving to our scholarship program, you are changing lives, giving hope and opportunity to our students, our farmers, and their communities.

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