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Farmaste Animal Sanctuary is Minnesota’s only Global Federation of Animal Sanctuary (GFAS) verified sanctuary for farm animals. We believe that all animals have inherent worth and that farm animals are not an exception to that rule. We rescue abused, neglected and unwanted farm animals and bring them home to roam in the pastures, and live out their days free from cruelty at our 28-acre sanctuary in Lindstrom, MN. Our residents include Timothy, a Hereford steer from a WI farm who is blind due to untreated pink eye; Blue, a Khatadin sheep who required a front limb amputation due to congenital defects in all three bones of her leg; and our three pigs whose mother was rescued pregnant by the ASPCA from the largest case of farm animal neglect in the Northeastern US. Our animal residents receive top-quality veterinary care, access to spacious pastures and cozy barns, and good friends with whom to live out their lives. At Farmaste, these animals are able to find zen living as someone, not something.

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35890 Oasis Rd
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