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2020 will be a year that I'm sure most of us will never forget. Schools, churches, and many businesses were shuttered; stay-at-home orders were in effect; many employees lost their jobs, saw hours cut, or began remote work; and far too many lives were lost. It was a year of fear, uncertainty, grieving, and change.

The staff and board of Family Promise Rochester were faced with many unforeseen decisions and challenges and were forced to constantly pivot our programs in response to the ebbs and flows of the pandemic's effects on the community's health. But instead of just rolling over and accepting defeat as the pandemic worn on far longer than any of us initially expected, we rose to the occasion and harnessed the unique opportunities that lay before us. 

With outstanding support and encouragement from our volunteers, donors, and constituents, we made a relocation sprout from what was once a dream to a reality in just a few short months. 

So much consideration, thought, planning, conversing, emailing, touring, packing, moving, and dreaming was crammed into the months it took to get us to our new home, the Family Promise Rochester North Star House. The North Star in the sky is a guiding light for the lost traveler, and so we want to be that guiding light for the lost among us who are seeking a path out of homelessness, seeking a better life for their families. 

It was certainly a tumultuous year, and not at all what I expected to be taking on just 6 months into my role as Executive Director, but in the darkness of a devastating year, there was so much light to be seen. To us, the North Star House shines as one of the brightest. 

As you consider organizations to support this spring, please remember that the safety net that Family Promise Rochester provides to families cannot be done without the support of our donors and volunteers.  

What we will do with your donations:

- Continue to maintain general operations and  fund Family Promise Rochester added overhead costs as a result of relocation.

- Purchase food, medicine, cleaning supplies, and personal needs for families as they arise.

- Work with out IT Specialist to ensure we have enough internet-accessible computers setup and available for families to use.

- Install security system to aid in the comfort of guest families as well as protect our asset.

-Hire volunteer and family services coordinator to ensure a smooth and seamless return for our beloved volunteers and a pleasant stay for our guest families.

Thank you for believing in the mission of Family Promise Rochester and for your unending support as we adapt to change, challenge our strengths, and collaborate in creative ways to best serve the most vulnerable families among us. Thank you for being you!

Brie Bednar, Executive Director
Family Promise Rochester

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