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Welcome to our FALCON SOAR-A-THON helping our students RISE TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL!

This campaign is set up to help fund a variety of Wishes/Needs that our FRMS staff has identified.  The goal is for each student to raise $50 through donations by family and friends, but any contribution is appreciated. Donations are also accepted via MyPaymentsPlus

Every dollar donated will go directly to FRMS!

Thank you for supporting our third annual FALCON SOAR-A-THON!

Wish List 2023-24

Book collections (paper, electronic, audio): There is a strong need for increased access to e-books and audio books. Mackin Via is the best tool for this. The school does not have enough electronic copies/subscriptions for the Writer's Craft Unit. The FRMS media specialist is helpful in collaborating and pairing texts for all our students and this subscription would support the needs of all distance learners.  We are also in need of books in Spanish.

Band: A SM-58 Microphone. Our band department uses this mics for every live performance in Band at Falcon Ridge. The ones we have are old and falling apart and need replacing.

Activity scholarship funds: FRMS wants to ensure all students have equal opportunity to attend field trips and participate in activities without financial burden, and your support of the activity scholarship fund will help make this happen!

Advisory: Many of our clubs and WIN (What I Need) sessions are high interest to students and require some supplies. From crafting supplies to gardening supplies we could use funds to support our creative geniuses!

Student Learning Environment: We would like to set up opportunities for teachers to teach students outdoors and are hoping to be able to purchase outdoor seating, benches or tables to make this happen.

Athletic Department: Our Athletic department would like to have a supply of heart rate monitors to use during fitness testing for our students. They are also looking to update fitness room equipment such as cardio machines, elliptical, and weights.

Athletic Jerseys: FRMS Athletic Department needs team jerseys for our sports teams, specifically, Volleyball and Basketball. Our team jerseys have not been replaced in over 10 years.

Math Department: Math manipulatives such as unit cubes, tangrams, measuring tapes, etc. which will help students become more successful in understanding math.

Student Wellness and Mental Health Support: Our Mental Health Team is looking for funds to create a calming space in the building for our students. This includes comfortable seating, calm lighting, art supplies, fidgets, balance board, weighted blankets, yoga mats, and yoga cards.

Extension Clubs and Activities:  Having an engaging school climate is more than what happens in the classroom. We want to expand our student activity offerings both during our advisory and after school. Start-up materials and supervision costs are among the items needed to make this happen. 

FRMS Sunshine Activities: Celebrating our community is important to our culture and climate.  Financial support for staff appreciation events honoring designated weeks of appreciation is needed including support for staff wellness activities.

The Falcon Way: Our positive school climate is based on following the Falcon Way. Students are recognized for positive behavior through our Falcon Way ticket program. We need support for small rewards that  students receive by earning tickets and having their name drawn in a weekly drawing.

Inclusion at FRMS: FRMS is committed to making our school inclusive and a place where everyone belongs. We want our building to feel welcoming in classrooms and in common areas.  A student driven project made up of art and pictures that represent our communities and honors the indigenous history of the land on which our building stands is a project we’d like to support.  We need frames, supplies, and funds to hire community experts to help us with this project.

Nurses office: We often have students that need additional support in the form of food, clothing (socks, underwear) and other wellness items.

Science: The science department is always looking for ways to open our students' eyes to the amazing world around us! Our microscopes have seen better years, and we would love to replace broken and worn out microscopes with newer models. 

ELA: Our ELA department inspires readers and would to order a few sets of multiple copy books at different reading levels that are of high interest - and even books in multiple languages. ELA would also like funding to subscribe to an online reading comprehension website.

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