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Ranked Choice Voting is a simple, non-partisan voting reform that has the power to make our elections and governance more inclusive, unifying, and representative. 

At a time when partisan divisiveness, negativity and misinformation are tearing at the fabric of our democracy, Ranked Choice Voting is touted by leading political scientists as a top reform to save it. 

FairVote Minnesota is a national leader on education and advocacy for Ranked Choice Voting, focusing on reform in Minnesota but with nationwide impact. And we've made historic gains; just last fall voters in Bloomington and Minnetonka adopted RCV for local elections, joining the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and St. Louis Park. This fall, voters in these five Minnesota cities will be ranking their ballots! 

Your donation will help us educate voters, candidates, elected officials, and cities in preparation for successful RCV elections. 

Ranked Choice Voting enables progress on critical issues facing our communities by:

  • Giving voters more choice choice on their ballots and the power to fully express themselves
  • Eliminating the spoiler problem
  • Ensuring that eelected leaders are responsive to the majority
  • Making elections more civil, inclusive and representative
  • Reducing partisan polarization 

We would not be able to do this important work without dedicated supporters like you.

Thank you for your commitment.

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