Eureka Recycling

Will you help us share our vision of a world without waste??

Last year’s Give to the Max Day helped us purchase new headsets that made giving tours (over 200 of them last year!) even more impactful. Now we have an empty space perfect for making into an education center to bring even more people into the zero waste conversation. Will you help us fill that space with visually engaging displays and materials that  help demonstrate the link between zero waste, environmental justice, climate change and local economic development?

We need your help to implement this vision and create this community space for tours, community gathering, and conversations around zero waste.

Our vision:
  • Invest in a local artist to create a mural to represent the connection between zero waste, climate change, social justice, and economic development
  • An exhibit to envision a future without waste
  • Engagement equipment to host community conversations

We need you to help bring this vision to life!

Eureka’s programs and services present real world solutions to the social, environmental, economic, and health problems caused by wasting. We believe the power of sharing this model with our community is a critical first step in changing the systems that perpetuate waste.

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