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East Side Learning Center

East Side Learning Center (ESLC) has been “unlocking each child’s potential through the foundation of reading” since 2001. Over the past 19 years, ESLC has inspired hundreds of children to believe in their potential through individualized, one-on-one, relationship-based tutoring. By putting the relationship of the child and tutor at the center of our lessons, students start to build their confidence. Confident children are more willing, capable and eager to learn. ESLC has seen the proven results of our technique.

Despite tutoring being cut short last spring due to the pandemic, 88% of children who completed the program through January 2020 and were assessed twice by teachers increased their skills:

  • 83% of PreK and Kindergarten children were on target in reading.
  • 66% of elementary children attained their reading goals.

In our previous year, 70% of children who rated low on social emotional skills improved by the end of the year!

What is new at ESLC?

As the world has changed, ESLC has made huge changes this past year! After tutoring was cut short in spring 2020, ESLC leadership made a hard but necessary decision to move all tutoring for the foreseeable future to a virtual setting. This protects both our most vulnerable senior adults and the students they work with.

This is a monumental shift in how ESLC delivers its program. Staff, leadership and our board have been working non-stop to create a truly unique online program while still honoring the relationship between Literacy Mentor (tutors) and student.

  • Staff has researched, tested and developed all online programming; from how lessons are structured to the online tools that will be used to deliver tutoring.
  • Materials such as computers, tablets, software, good old books, and whiteboards were sourced and organized according to need across Literacy Mentors, students, and their families.
  • A complete overhaul to our training materials has also ensured that Literacy Mentors and families are comfortable on their new platforms to engage in their online learning environments.

With so many changes, we have had to make some big adjustments, all of which cost substantial amounts of money!

ESLC's year end goals! 

In order to keep our programming free for all of our students and to expand our programming, we need you!

  1. Consider making a financial contribution. The future of our most vulnerable children, who need just a little help to unlock their potential, rests with us! To maintain and expand online tutoring, ESLC needs to raise $10,000 before the end of December
  2. Fundraise for us! Click the "Fundraise" button on  our site and share your own story about what ESLC means to you!
  3. Share on Facebook. Watch for our posts, like and share! The more views, the wider the reach, the closer we are to our goal!

Double your impact today!

Now through the end of 2020, ESLC has been granted a unique matching grant from The Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the St. Paul and Minnesota Foundation.

  • New individuals who donate to ESLC will be matched dollar-for-dollar!
    1. If you have never given to ESLC before, NOW is the time, your contribution will DOUBLE!
  • Individuals who have donated to ESLC in the past but didn’t give last year, those donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar!
    1. That means if you have supported ESLC in 2018 or before, if you contribute NOW, your donation will DOUBLE!
  • Increased donations over last year will be matched dollar-for-dollar!
    1. If you are a regular donor to ESLC (THANK YOU!!), if you increase your donation, the difference between last year and this year's contributions will be matched!
    2. If you gave $100 last year and give $150 this year, that means your extra $50 will turn into $100 through the match!

Importance of NOW!

East Side Learning Center is at a unique moment, never before has our services ever been more needed, and never before has it cost so much to deliver. But we see this as a moment of true growth. Having completely developed our online programming, we can see the future! No longer will we be limited by physical location of the school or the communities that our children learn in. This online platform can be used to connect both Literacy Mentors and students who are home-bound, lack reliable transportation, or any number of other physical limitations they may have. We will be able to serve them. The limit to our reach is our budget! We need you now! To ensure that we can expand our program within and beyond the metro area!

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