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At Erik’s Ranch & Retreats it is our mission to provide meaningful work and social opportunities for young adults with autism. On a good day this is not easy or inexpensive to achieve. In the middle of a pandemic—AS A NONPROFIT HOTEL—we are struggling to keep the lights on. Without the generosity and support of donors in the community, friends, family, and supporters like you, our mission is in jeopardy. The paradigm shift we are nurturing, one where acceptance is the norm and inclusion is key, is on the line. As is the safe space our members call home.

Currently, Erik’s Ranch & Retreats mission is on hold while the world stays home to protect ourselves with distance. This is essential, but also means the rooms are empty, the tours quiet … life is on pause. But the NEED is real. Without your help, many of the nonprofits and small businesses we love, vital parts of our communities, will disappear even before this dreaded virus does. Erik’s Ranch & Retreats is not immune to this crisis. However, we are hopeful that friends and family like YOU will be willing to help out.

If you are still employed and comfortably working from home we ask you to please consider making a donation today. We need you, and our members do, too—now more than ever.

About Erik’s Ranch & Retreats

Founded in 2008, Erik’s Ranch & Retreats is a first-of-its-kind living, working, and social environment for young adults with autism. We have a unique boutique Retreat in Edina, Minnesota, featuring updated hotel style accommodations, and a Guest Ranch in Montana. Both locations are home to young adults with autism, but what truly sets us apart is that these young adults help operate the facilities as concierge, bakers, horse grooms, tour guides and many other essential roles

Erik's Ranch & Retreats provides its members individual housing, meaningful employment, and social opportunities under one roof. This allows our members to match their strengths and passions to their employment, have supported positive social and recreational opportunities enabling independence, engage in surroundings that encourage family and community participation, and THRIVE as accepted members of society.

We may only have 14 members who call Erik’s home, but we have unlimited opportunities to showcase neurodiversity. Please donate today, and visit when this is over. You will be glad you did.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration.

To learn more, please visit us at 

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