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CPC - Napenkara, Burkina Faso. The rural community of Napenkara, in the western Banfora region of Burkina Faso, West Africa, has no electrical service, no sewer system, no phone or internet service and no source of clean drinking water. The lack of potable water is responsible for a high incidence of diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and sometimes death. Children who are able to attend the local schoolhouse often miss class in order to fetch water. The EWB-Chicagoland Professional Chapter is now organizing volunteers to find out if potable water can be found within Napenkara and near the new school.


CPC/IPC - Mayanja Kibuke, Kenya. The Chicagoland and Indianaoplis Professional chapters have collaborated to form a project team that is dedicated to supplying a safe and sustainable water supply to a community of subsistence farmers in Mayanja Kibuke, Kenya. The team’s approach is to collaborate with community members to establish centralized spring boxes that will provide purified water to the community through construction and education initiatives. Providing solutions for safe and accessible sources of water is a crucial step towards improving the quality of life of the community’s residents and lifting them out of poverty.


CPC - Las Cruces, Guatemala. Moderate and heavy storms cause extensive flooding up to ten feet deep in this community of 18,000 people. Our team has designed a diversion channel to route flows around the town which will dramatically reduce the severity and frequency of flooding problems. Funds raised will help ensure that the project gets built and will greatly help to stabilize the community.


UIC Student Chapter - Cerro Alto, Guatemala. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Student Chapter of EWB is working on a project to improve the drinking water quality for the community of Cerro Alto, Guatemala. Cerro Alto currently has a water distribution system in place, but the limited capacity of the system means that citizens only have access to water for a few hours each week. For the last four years we have been collaborating with the community to provide an uninterrupted water supply and thereby reduce widespread incidences of gastrointestinal illness caused by unsanitary home water storage practices. Funds raised will be applied towards project expenses such as water quality testing, equipment, and community education. Thank you for your support!!


CPC - Ak’ Tenamit, Guatemala.  Ak’ Tenamit is an educational and vocational school that serves young people of several indigenous Mayan (Q’eqchi’) communities in eastern Guatemala. The school provides education and vocational training in two different career tracks: Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Rural Community Development. Team Ak' Tenamit from the Chicagoland Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA will be assisting in the design and implementation of several environmentally friendly engineering projects that will improve the quality of life for the students and people that work at the school. In addition, improvements to the school would not only improve the quality of life for the students, but also allow more students to attend, increasing the impact of the school.


CPC - Armenta, Honduras.  Homes in the village of Armenta, Honduras only receive water one day a week. In addition the medical center that treats both people and animals often goes without water for days, greatly hampering their ability to adequately serve the community. The people we visited are allowed to fill up their pillas (home water storage facility) one day a week. They draw all water for drinking, preparing food, laundry, bathing, sanitation, etc, from that single home storage source throughout the week. We have already built a pedestrian bridge for this community over another waterway that previously divided the community in half. We eagerly look forward to working with them to fund, develop and implement a reliable clean water system.

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