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                                                        Safe Spaces of Healing for Survivors of Child Sexual Trauma and Abuse

Welcome to EmpowerSurvivors, You are not alone

PictureEmpowerSuvivors is a survivor-led organization incorporating the peer support model. EmpowerSurvivors aids in reducing the silence and stigma of childhood sexual abuse. We offer individualized mentorship programs, peer-support groups, classes, and podcasts. These programs help aid in the survivor recovery process, reduce isolation, provide skills to help manage lives in the community and promote health and well-being.


We know how hard it is to suffer in silence

We know the pain that comes from the unprocessed trauma of childhood sexual abuse. We understand the agony that accompanies harboring this untold story and the crime perpetrated by those we knew and trusted. For many of us, we stayed silent, believing we were to blame for the rape and molestation done to us as children. This crime affected the core of who we were, led us to believe lies about ourselves and the world, and for many survivors led to many years of turmoil and shame.

We also know healing and thriving

EmpowerSurvivors is committed to being a safe space of healing and community for survivors to gather support and education through various online peer support groups, individual support, and podcasts. EmpowerSurvivors 501c3 nonprofit organization is owned and operated by those who were sexually abused in childhood and now use their experiences of trauma, recovery, and expertise to guide other survivors through healing!

A Word from Kyla, a past member of EmpowerSurvivors


Today, you too can make a difference in the lives of trauma survivors! 

Your donations will go directly to supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse on their healing journeys. 

Your tax-deductible donations support:

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and more!

 .EmpowerSurvivors is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Located in Stillwater, MN 

Serving survivors of childhood sexual abuse locally, nationally, and worldwide since 2014




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