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Ely's Historic State Theater is a cultural hub of film, arts, entertainment and learning that cultivates a vibrant, healthy community. Our mission is to promote and support the cinematic and performing arts at Ely’s Historic State Theater.

Great news! Ely's Historic State Theater has been awarded a $10,000 challenge grant for this campaign. If you donate any time before December 31, your donation will be matched, doubling your impact! Your donation will go directly toward outfitting and opening a second, smaller theater in the State Theater complex.

The State Theater has been open, showing movies daily, and hosting live performances including the opera, The Medium, and a program by the Reflections Dance Company. We adhere strictly to state and CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff, and have installed a high-tech ionization system that kills viruses and other contaminants in the air and on surfaces. Although the latest round of COVID restrictions have forced us to close temporarily, we are continuing to plan for the future and look forward to showing movies again when the restrictions are lifted. 

Thanks to the financial support of our community, Ely’s Historic State Theater has raised over $425,000 to date. This has enabled us to purchase and install a state-of-the-art digital projector, surround sound system, and retractable screen; a sound system with wireless microphones and a mixing console; theatrical lighting for live performances; and furnishings for a “green room” under the stage for the performers’ use. Our new concessions area in the adjoining building is open, and a broad selection of food and drinks, including adult beverages, is now available. And finally, we have begun building out the second, smaller screening room in the adjoining building. In addition to having a digital projector and surround sound system that are fully compatible with those in the State Theater, the second theater will offer plush seating and a first-rate viewing experience. 

Completion of the second theater is the key to offering first-run movies, because it will enable us to meet the distributors’ requirements for extended runs of two weeks or more. Having the second theater open will also enhance our flexibility to host live events and movies in the same timeframe. Finally, the second theater will show independent films, documentaries, foreign films and classic movies, a special treat for film buffs! 

Be a part of the rebirth of Ely's Historic State Theater!  Your donation today will help make the second theater a reality, and donations up to $10,000 will be matched, doubling your impact! Donating is easy. You may donate by credit card here or through our website, www.ElyStateTheater.org. 

We are excited about bringing movies and live events to Ely, and we know you are, too. We hope you will consider donating now to make the second theater a reality. We can’t do it without you!

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